Alwood Family

Vivian, High School Graduation, 1939

Vivian Rose “Vee” AlwoodAge: 63 years19211985

Vivian Rose “Vee” Alwood
Given names
Vivian Rose
Birth November 17, 1921 31 26

TAK 12/80


MDK 11/90

Death of a maternal grandfatherJoseph Smith
January 30, 1923 (Age 14 months)


TAK 12/90

Death of a paternal grandfatherJohn C. Freemont Alwood
May 23, 1936 (Age 14 years)


TAK 12/90

Death of a paternal grandmotherVirginia Kate “Jennie” Walters
October 18, 1940 (Age 18 years)

TAK 12/90

MarriageClare Goods FogelsongView this family
February 22, 1941 (Age 19 years)
Source: TAK 12/80
Birth of a daughter
Terry Ann Fogelsong
October 8, 1945 (Age 23 years)

TAK 12/80

DivorceClare Goods FogelsongView this family
January 7, 1946 (Age 24 years)

Death of a fatherHarry Carl Alwood
September 14, 1965 (Age 43 years) Age: 75
Cause: Myocarditis
Source: Terry Klaus 12/80
Death of a husbandClare Goods Fogelsong
September 11, 1971 (Age 49 years)
Death of a brotherHorace Carl Alwood
December 31, 1973 (Age 52 years)
Cause: Heart Attack
Death of a sisterNellie Alene Alwood
August 3, 1976 (Age 54 years)
Cause: pneumonia
Source: Terry Klaus 12/80
Death of a motherHilda Smith
December 25, 1977 (Age 56 years)

TAK 12/80


TAK 12/80

Stock Clerk J.C. Pennys & McClellan A.F.B.

Baptism of a daughterTerry Ann Fogelsong


MDK 11/90

Fact 12
No Twin, High blood pressure, No Stroke, Cancer, Heart disease, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes

Marriage ending statusClare Goods FogelsongView this family

Death August 23, 1985 (Age 63 years)
Cause of death: Lung Cancer

Death Certificate

Burial August 26, 1985 (3 days after death)

MDK 11/90

Family with parents - View this family
elder sister
9 months
elder brother
Horace Alwood, High School GraduationHorace Carl Alwood
Birth: May 8, 1918 27 23Edgerton, Alberta, Canada
Death: December 31, 1973Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Co., Washington
14 months
elder sister
2 years
Family with Clare Goods Fogelsong - View this family
Marriage: February 22, 1941309 Reed St. Sedro Woolley, Washington
Divorce: January 7, 1946
5 years
Terry KlausTerry Ann Fogelsong
Birth: October 8, 1945 39 23Sedro Woolley, Skagit Co., Washington
Death: March 10, 2020Bellingham, Washington
Family with Douglas Audenarde Klaus - View this family
Vivian & Doug, 1947Douglas Audenarde Klaus
Birth: March 17, 1919 27 21Sumner, Pierce Co., Washington
Death: March 29, 1993Sedro Woolley, Skagit Co., Washington
Clare Goods Fogelsong + Private - View this family
husband’s wife

BirthTAK 12/80
BaptismMDK 11/90
MarriageTAK 12/80
DeathDeath Certificate
BurialMDK 11/90
Shared note

From The Family Alwood by Terry Klaus, June 1991:

Vivian Rose Alwood was the fifth child and last of the of children bornto Harry and Hilda on November 17, 1921. She only lived on the homesteadin Edgerton for two years as it was in 1924 that the family decided tomove to Washington State. Vivian went to Blanchard Grade School, latergraduated from Sedro Woolley High School. In 1939 she became a UnitedStates citizen. On February 22, 1941, married Clare Goods Fogelsong atthe home of her parents. Vivian and flare lived in Aberdeen, theydivorced January 1946. They had a daughter. Vivian lived at the ReedStreet home of her parents until February 21, 1947, when she marriedDouglas Audenarde Klaus. They lived in Sedro Woolley until 1956/7 whenthey moved to Hoquiam and lived for the next two years. They had threechildren. In January 1959 the family moved to California, Doug by car;Vivian and the children by train. In Citrus Heights, Vivian was afounding member of the Ascension Lutheran Church, holding office in manyof the church committees. Doug was working at the Areojet Corporation,which has helped produce many of the fuels and parts for our areo- spaceprograms. They were divorced in 1967. Vivian worked for J.C. Penney's formany years. but retired after 16 years working at McClellan Air ForceBase in 1981 on a medical retirement. She had triple bypass surgery inApril and three months later she was camping out in Glacier National Parkwith her daughter Terry and grand-daughter Angela. It was her first tripback to the homestead in Edgerton, since she was 17 years old. Three months after this trip she was having hip replacement surgery.She made many trips, driving herself, up to Washington to visit with hersisters and their families. After making her trip to Bow for the funeralof her neice, Barbara Schimke, she became ill, and was diagnosed withlung cancer. She never smoked, but I guess we don't have to. She made onemore trip to Washington for an Alwood Family picnic in July with her sonLarry and his family, but when she returned. it was like she'd given upher fight and died holding my hand on August 21, 1985. She is at rest inBow Cemetery. with her parents beside her.


"Dear Vivian, We cannot change yesterday, that is clear, Or begin ontomorrow until it is here. So all that is left for you and me, is to maketoday as sweet as can Be! Love from your sister; Bernice Alwood. Edison'36, June 15, 1934"

Dear Vivian, May all your troubles be little ones and lots of them. Yoursister. Nellie June 15. 1934"

Dear Vivian, The lightning flashed, the thunder roared and all the worldwas shaken. A little pig curled up his tail and ran to save his bacon.Your loving cousin, Muriel. Port Alberni, BC August 1. 1934.

My dear Vivian, true friends are like diamonds precious but rare, fakefriends are like autumn leaves, found every where. Your cousin, W. McCainAlwood, Port Alberni B.C., August 1, 1934.

Dear Vivian, Of all the pests of pesky pests of them all you are thebest. Of the girls of a girly girl you dear -niece are sure a whirl. You can take this from the start. though you aresmall your heart is the biggest kind of a heart. Your loving uncle,Arthur Bow, January 12. 1935.

Dear Vivian, even tho you are a 'skeeter' sometimes and a wigglewormsometimes. I hope you never lose your happy and jolly personality. If youwork hard you'll become a second Bernice at picking raspberries. Loveyour cousin, Vera Alwood. June 21. 1934

After the death of my mother, Vivian Alwood Klaus, in 1985, I felt Ishould write a few notes to friends of hers that possibly onlycorresponded at Christmas time. This is the response I received fromAlvena Johnson, and it gave some nice compliments to the Alwood family asshe knew and loved them herself.

April 18. 1986

Dear Terry:

I have wanted to sit down and write you and thank you for your kindnessin writing and letting me know your mom had passed away.

I thought the world of her and I am sorry you will no longer be able toenjoy her company. She will always be with you and watching over you. Shewas a very special person to me.

I lived with your grandparents (Harry and Hilda) for two years while Iwas going to high school. They were very special people to me too.

I helped your mom when your brother, Michael, was born. It took care ofyou kids and helped your mom. She, of course, helped me far more than Iever helped her. For helping her when Michael was born, she paid for mygraduation pictures. which I couldn't afford. Your grandparents bought mysuit for graduation.

You were a cute kid with blonde curly hair, do you still have the curlyhair? Larry was the first boy I had taken care of, I had sisters. Yourmom was potty training him when I first came into the picture. Yourgrandmother's bathroom was upstairs and I took Larry to the bathroom, Iwas thinking girl and sat him on the pot, he wet all over my face, beingboy. What a shock to a 15 year old.

The first year I was away from home for Christmas I was at yourgrandparents. All of their kids came home and they all treated me likepart of the family. I was very thankful for that.

Your Aunt Rena in Bow was another of my favorite people. Your cousin,Barbara and I were close friends.

I got married at your grandparents home. We lived close to Sedro Woolleyfor a few years after we got married and I visited with them quitefrequently. In fact I did my laundry there for quite some time, until wemoved to Anacortes.

Rena's daughter. Kay. took care of my oldest daughter while I was in thehospital having my second daughter. Rena delivered mail in the Bow areaat that time. She would take Peggy with her on the route. Peggy didn'twant to come home when we went to pick her up, she wanted to stay withMama.

We were transferred to Boston and then to Hawaii in the Navy. Your momand I corresponded each year at Christmas keeping up on the family. Ienjoyed those letters and looked forward to receiving them.

I was back in Sedro Woolley again when your grandfather got sick andended up in the hospital. He wouldn't eat for anyone but yourgrandmother. So, I would take her to the hospital most every day so shecould feed him. He told me one day when she was out of the room that hewas going to die and he wouldn't be going home. Your uncle was busyfixing over the laundry room so there would be a bathroom downstairs sohe could go home. I cried when I got home. I hadn't lost anyone close tome before, and this was the first person who I was really close to. Thiswas at the time they were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Iam not sure you would remember this or not.

Your mom called to let me know your grandmother had passed away. I wasplanning to attend the funeral. A storm hit and the pass was so bad theyweren't letting people travel over it. I didn't make it. I really feltbad about that.

I want to thank you again for writing to me and letting me know aboutyour mom. I truly appreciate that, and I am ashamed that I haven'twritten to you sooner. I really loved your mom like a sister and I willalways hold her dear to me.

If you ever feel like writing to me again, please feel free to do so, asI would love to hear from you. I would like to keep in touch.

If you ever get up this way, please look me up. Thanks again Terry forthinking of me.

-Alvena Johnson

A poem that Vivian always liked was put in her funeral program.


Near a shady wall a rose once grew. Budded and blossomed in God's free light, Watered and fed by morning dew, Shedding its sweetness day and night.

As it grew and blossomed fair and tall, Slowly rising to loftier height. It came to a crevice in the wall Through which there shone a beam of light.

Onward it crept with added strength. With never thought of fear or pride. It followed the light through the crevice's length Unfolded itself on the other side.

The light, the dew, the broadening view Were found the same as they were before; And it lost itself in beauties new, Breathing its fragrance more and more.

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve, And make our courage faint or fail? Nay! Let us faith and hope receive: The rose still grows beyond the wall.

Scattering fragrance far and wide, Just as it did in days of yore Just as it did on the other side, Just as it will for evermore.


Shared note

From The Family Alwood by Terry Klaus, June 1991:

Sedro Woolley, Washington February 1941


The marriage of Miss Vivian Alwood and Mr. Clare Fogelsong was solemnizedat 2:30 on Saturday afternoon, February 22, at the home of the bride'sparents, Mr. and Mr. H.C. Alwood in this city, with the Rev. Clyde L.Walker, pastor of the Methodist Church officiating. Mrs. Ben Omdal of Edison and Mr. Willard Bragg of Aberdeen were theirattendants. The bride wore a powder blue dress with corsage of pink rose buds andorange blossoms. Following the ceremony a buffet lunch was served. After a short weddingtrip the couple will make their home in Aberdeen. The bride has been employed in Aberdeen for the past two years. Mr. Fogelsong, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Fogelsong of Denver,Colorado, is employed with the Copeland Glass and Paint Service inAberdeen. Guests at the wedding were Mr. Horace Alwood. Mrs. D.W. Alwood, Mr. andMrs. Clifford Johnson. and Miss Dorothy Sorenson of Aberdeen, Mr. andMrs. D.W. Armstrong and children, Richard and Jean, of Seattle, Mrs.Robert Burns and son Paige of Snoqualmie, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Omdal ofEdison, Miss Clarice Peterson of Blanchard. Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Pocock andchildren Barbara, Kay and Marlin and Mrs. Wayne Bulb of Bow, Mr. ArthurAlwood of Bellingham, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Alwood and Miss Bessie Pocock ofthis city.

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