Alwood Family

Randall Scott “Randy” BulloAge: 43 years19511995

Randall Scott “Randy” Bullo
Birth March 9, 1951 34 33
Death of a maternal grandfatherDavid William “Will” Alwood
May 2, 1956 (Age 5 years)


TAK 12/80

Ordination July 26, 1980 (Age 29 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherLerah Hammock
June 18, 1985 (Age 34 years)
Cause of Death (Facts Pg) January 11, 1995 (on the date of death)
Death January 11, 1995 (Age 43 years)
Burial January 14, 1995 (3 days after death)
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elder sister
Randall Scott “Randy” Bullo
Birth: March 9, 1951 34 33Burlington, Washington
Death: January 11, 1995Seattle, King Co., Washington

Shared note

From The Family Alwood by Terry Klaus, June 1991:

EDISON MAN TO BE ORDAINED Skagit County newspaper, 1980.

EDISON -- An Edison area native. Randall Scott Bullo, 29. will beordained to the Lutheran pastorate Saturday, July 26, at 6pm at EdisonLutheran Church, Bow, his home parish. Officiating at the ceremony, to beattended by his parents, Mr & Mrs Walter W. Bullo, Edison. other familymembers, friends and the public, will be the Rev. E.C. Fritschel.longtime pastor who officiated at his confirmation in the same churchyears ago. Born in Burlington, he was graduated from Burlington-Edison High Schoolin 1969. The young minister and soon-to-be-pastor, says he has noticed a markedupswing in interest in Christianity during the past ten years --especially among college students, among whom he has spent much of histime. "There is a great freedom to discuss Christianity now, much greater thanwhen I was in college, " he said. "In Pact, the attitude has completelyreversed in the past ten years. I am speaking now of public colleges, notjust in church related schools, where it would be expected. "And it is a much more aggressive active Christianity, now --among allChristian denominations. "It is an open enthusiasm for the ministry of Christ, I notice. of a typeno longer just typical of the congregations of Pentecostal persuasion. Ifind it an exciting, challenging time to be launched into the pastoralministry." Bulb received his master of divinity degree this spring from WartburgSeminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Earlier, he studied at Washington StateUniversity at Pullman, and at the University of Urbino, Italy, beforereceiving his bachelor of sacred music degree Prom Pacific LutheranUniversity. Tacoma, in 1975. With his music degree, he majored in voice,organ and choral direction. He had a minor in German and Italianlanguages, and was able to speak and write in Italian while attendingcollege in Italy in order to communicate. While attending seminary. Bullo served in campus ministry at ValparaisoUniversity in Valparaiso, Indiana for a year, as part of his in-servicetraining. Another in-service assignment included a year at Good ShepherdLutheran Church in San Diego, California. He has been called to serve as associate pastor of Eagle GroveEvangelical Lutheran Church. a church of 1,000 members in Eagle Grove,Iowa. a town of about 4,500 persons.